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Different Hair Care Products and What they are Used for

Good hair day starts with the type of hair care products you use. So, it is better to find the best products that use high-quality ingredients for your hair. Not only do we have to take good care of our hair, but also we need to take care of our scalp, and to maintain that, we need to choose the right product. There are so many different hair care and styling products out on the market, such as shampoo, conditioner, serums, clay, pomade, paste, and powder, but how to choose the best one?

Different Hair Care Products

Your choice of hair care products will largely determine the overall success of your chosen style. Whether you like your hair to be volumized, smooth, or shiny, the most incredible results are always achieved with the help of the best-chosen hair products according to your hair type because everyone has different hair types. this guide helps you to determine which hair care and hairstyle products to use by explaining what they are used for.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos are used for cleaning hair by removing oil, dirt and debris from pollution, but picking the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type can be tricky, since you may have a combination of many different things on the same head of hair; You may have some damage, dryness going on, colour-treated hair or you may have oily hair on the scalp even possible.

For men, these types of shampoos can create confusion, so, they will go for one shampoo product, which includes every hair type, such as our Reuzel Daily Shampoo. It is appropriate for all hair types and if you use it frequently it helps calm your scalp.

When it comes to hair conditioning, men are almost the same, they do not want to spend their time picking the most convenient conditioner for their hair care, they just want to pick the one which fits every type of hair as in their shampoo choice.

A good hair conditioner should improve hair's feel, appearance, and texture. Its main purpose is to smooth the hair and reduce friction. We can recommend a hair conditioner from the same brand: Reuzel Daily Conditioner. This conditioner has a lightweight formula to strengthen and moisturize both dry and damaged hair. Reuzel Daily Conditioner is also suitable for all hair types.

Hair Oils and Serums

Hair oils and serums are not necessary for your hair care, but if you have dry and damaged hair, you can apply oils or serums to your hair ends. Be careful to apply only your hair ends to prevent hair grease. Hair oils and serums can keep your hair looking hydrated and can add shine and softness. They also protect the hair cuticles without adding any grease.

Different Hair Styling Products

Do you know what hair product should you use for your hairstyle? What are they used for and what’s the difference between wax, clay gel, pomade, and hair styling powder? Let’s look at each of them and choose the right hair styling products for your hair. So, whether you have thick to thin hair, you need to use the right product.

Hair Styling Powder

This is one of the most used and preferred products and that is volumizing powder. So, the way hair styling powder works is by sprinkling a little bit on top of your hair and then messing it all up. This will make the chemicals react and then give you that really messy type look that you’re going for the thing is that this does secrete your hair oils and all the moisture in it, so it leaves super dry, and so that you can get texturized look. It is so easy to apply, and at the end of the day, it’s easy to take off with some conditioner in the shower.

Hair Pomade

For the most part, hair pomade comes in two different solutions; oil-based, and water-based. The oil-based is usually made out of petroleum or prolactin. With that being said, the oil-based pomades are mainly for that sleek style that greasers would wear back then. These are also very good to move around, so if a hair strand falls out of place, you could just slick it right back inside with no problem. Water-based pomades are much easier to wash off than oil-based pomades because you can wash off water-based pomades without shampoos, which makes it more convenient for longer use.

Hair Gel

Hair gels are one of the strong and most popular products to style your hair. Hair gel is easy to use, it gives you great hold, but in general, think more of like the early 90s, where there are spikes and mohawk, hair gel was definitely the product to go with. It lasts a day, but if you touch your hair a lot, do not use gel, instead of it, use the hair pomade that we’ve recommended. 

Hair Cream

Hair creams are probably the product with the least hold, but it’s for the simple fact, that it’s more for a natural look, so one thing to note about these creams is that they are made naturally from amino acids and olive oil which will help you to de-frizz your hair when applied. More often than not these are pre-stylers and can be combined with any other products like hair styling powder, pomades, etc.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is known for a bunch of things like clay, and paste. They are mostly used for messy-type looks because you can restyle with no problem throughout the day without even taking a look at the mirror and you’re set to go. Hair waxes are intentionally for messy hair, and they are meant for anyone with thick to thin, so it doesn’t really matter, they’re extremely versatile. We have American Crew Classic Fiber Wax in our product, which gives texturize to your hair. It also provides a strong hold with a matte finish.

Hair Matte Clay

Hair clays include sort of earthy components and ingredients that should give the hair a matte to a natural-looking finish. In terms of the hold, you can tend to get anything from a light hold to a medium hold or a stronghold.

Clays are usually hard, but once you put them in your hair, it’s really hard to get out and it works wonderfully. Slick Gorilla has one of the best-known hair style products and its lightwork clay is weightless and great for texture. It is also water-based, which makes it easy to wash off, and a bit glossier.

Sea Salt Spray

A sea salt spray is a product that you can use as a pre-styler, so before you style your hair, you’re going to spritz it into damp hair, you’re going to scrunch it and let it dry naturally for the really great beachy, lived-in look, or spritz into damp hair and use a hairdryer to build in that texture and volume. If you’re looking for a quiff, sort of textured side part, then a sea salt spray is going to be great for that, or if you’ve got very long hair and you just want to add a bit of movement to limp hair, then sea salt sprays are also good for that.

Hairdryer, or dry naturally, but they are going to add texture, body, and volume. Our recommendation for sea salt spray is from Slick Gorilla. Its Sea Salt Spray’s mineral-rich formula helps you to get the messy look you want.

Choose the Best Hair Care Product for your Hairstyle

So, we went from shampoos from volumizing powders to pomades to sea salt spray, etc. Choose one of the products according to your needs if you want volume, go with the hair styling powder, if you want messy hair, choose the sea salt spray, or if you want stronghold, use a hair clay product.