Tired of Your Haircut?

Tired of Your Haircut?

Even if your hair style has served you well for several years, there may come a time when you need something new and fresh. Your hairstyle may not match your current mood, or you may have left office life forever and want your hair to reflect your new comfortable life. Whatever the reason, do not be indifferent to the longing for innovation that comes to all of us every few years.

If you're bored with your haircut, discover easy ways to change things up!

Choose your hair color wisely

Suggesting you try new hair colors isn't new advice, but perhaps your obsession with dye stems from thinking it's a permanent change. After all, trying a new color can meet your need for renewal. How about semi-permanent hair dyes that flow in about 6 weeks? This type of hair dye covers the surface of the hair shaft and does not change the actual hair color. So you can try any color and change again soon if you don't like it.

Consider your head shape

If you're stuck with a style and wondering what would be the best novelty, you should first know your head shape. Not every head shape is suitable for every hairstyle. For example, if you have a long head, you should consider trying a hairstyle with wider sides. If you have a round or square face, a hairstyle that emphasizes the length rather than the width is more suitable for you. You can make the right choice by asking your stylist to guide you about all these.

Give volume to your hair with the right shampoo

If you want to do more with what you already have, there is one thing you missed: Shampoo selection! Try using a shampoo that will add volume your hair while at the same time cleaning them of oil and dirt.

Thus, your hairstyle looks more lively and voluminous.

Try using a hair dryer

Most men think of hair dryers as a device that allows their hair to dry faster. While this is true, the device's job is also to style your hair. Styling with a hair dryer can make a big difference in making your hair look the way you want it to throughout the day. However, heat styling devices can damage your hair in the long term. For this reason, take care to use the hair dryer at a low setting and keep it at least 15 cm away from your hair.

Change hair part

Let’s back to geometry: With hairstyles, you can make simple changes to the proportions of your face. You can part your hair in the middle and to the other side. You can comb it backwards rather than sideways, or let it fall on your forehead instead of shaping it backwards. Doing so helps shift focus. It can get people to focus on your eyes or mouth, or even see different angles of your face.

Ask your hairdresser to coat your hair

If you are growing your hair, you should make it layered and textured. It is very important to layer the right amount to balance the shape of the haircut. Especially those with thick and bushy hair need more coats to add movement to their hair. It may be efficient to add less layers to make thinner hair appear fuller.


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