6 Proven Ways To Take Care Of Your Beard

Take Care of Your Beard

A beard can be an important factor in your personal style, and how you choose to present it can be as important as your outfit. Taking care of it adequately means you get the most out of your look and you feel fresh at all times. A freshly groomed beard can help your crush to notice you, help you gain confidence at work and succeed in every aspect of your life.

When left untouched, beard hair can get wild and matted; taming it is an unruly task yet essential if you want to look good. Here we will introduce some essentials for a carefree daily grooming routine. Products are usually applied to your beard after your beard has been washed and thoroughly dried.


1. Wash Daily

With this information to hand, it makes sense to wash your beard on a daily basis. The idea that you will dry out your beard is poor advice. On the contrary, NOT washing your beard daily will increase the chances of a dry and matted looking beard together with creating a breeding ground for bacteria reacting with sebum and sweat.

Wash your beard in a beard shampoo or mild hair shampoo. Remember to condition your beard too, perhaps once per week with a beard conditioner or good hair conditioner. It's important to rinse thoroughly to remove any shampoo, soap or conditioner residue, which might lead to skin irritation.

    2. Towel Dry

    Dry your beard with a towel to approximately 80% dry. Avoid scrubbing your beard with the towel because you'll run the risk of damaging it. Pay particular attention under the chin where water might pool. You want enough moisture left in your beard to help distribute your beard oil.


    3. Apply Beard Oil

    Apply your beard oil immediately after towel drying to about 80%. The length and density of your beard will dictate how much oil to use. The longer and denser your beard the more oil you will need. This is trial and error and you'll quickly work out how many drops or how much of a pipette you will need. If your shirt or pillow is picking up the oil from your beard then you're using too much. If your beard looks and feels dry with the amount you're using then increase the amount.

    4. Comb Through

    Comb your beard through in different directions with a wide toothed comb to distribute the oil and remove any tangles. Remember to comb the bottom of your beard upwards towards your face to be sure the oil is dispersed throughout and there are no tangles. Let the comb do its job without yanking.
    Comb your beard into place and allow at least 5 minutes for the oil to be absorbed into your beard.

    5. Apply Beard Balm

    If you use beard balm, apply AFTER you've allowed the oil to absorb for 5 minutes. As with the oil, work the balm throughout your beard and comb into shape.


    6. Drying

    Depending on how your beard grows you might be happy to let it dry naturally. However, drying and styling is sometimes necessary to tackle bushy or naturally occurring kinks and curls. If you're drying your beard be sure to apply beard oil first.
    By now, your beard will be about 90% dry and just right for drying and styling. Set the hairdryer to medium air flow and to cool and dry your beard in the direction of growth. Use a comb or brush to direct your beard straight down vertically. If you follow the contour of your face with the comb or brush whilst drying you might end up putting waves into your beard. If you have a long beard dry underneath, combing up and lifting the beard off your neck to add density to your beard.

      Set the hairdryer to cold and set your beard into the shape and style you are wanting.


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